6A Slide Design

Speaker’s Outline

Success Steps to The Abundant Life

Thomas S. Monson

May 1971

  • Heavenly Father has given us free agency
  • God said to Adam in the garden, “thou mayest choose for thyself, for it is given unto thee (Moses 3:17)
  • This is the right to determine our destiny

Achieve Success

  • This is a guide to guarantee achievement
  • Formula to insure success
  • Steps will help us use our agancy wisely

Turn your heart to him

  • His word is an unfailing compass
  • “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (john 14:6)

Come follow me

  • To Peter, Phillip, Matthew, he said “come follow me”
  • We are invited the same calling

Labor to learn

  • Requires finest efforts
  • Labor with might
  • Will you be a servant of God or sin?
  • Decisions determine destiny
  • Decide now

Strive to Serve

  • “When our testimonies are reflected by our service, they shine with unequal brilliance.”
  • Go to the Lord and ask his help by right, not by grace
  • Elder asked for more responsibilities in the church to lean on God more even when his time was consumed by school

Think to Thank

  • Did you think to thank?
  • Your gratitude should be expressed personally but it also should be mirrored in your actions
  • Daughter wrote thank you not to her dad when asked to write to her biggest hero

Pause to pray

  • He will not forsake you
  • Pray for guidance
  • Monson gave blessing to sick soldier while in the army


  • If we focus on doing these things we will lead a happier life


I first looked for the talk I wanted to share. I was looking for one that gave a message of hope and happiness. The target audience of Monson’s talk and my slides are everyone looking to improve the quality of their life. I found this talk by Thomas S. Monson very interesting. I then read the talk and took notes as I went along. Seven major topics stood out to me and that is what I chose for my slides. I then sketched what I wanted my slideshow to look. After this, I placed each phrase into it’s own slide. Then, I searched the internet for pictures that went well with each phrase and also each other. After each slide had text and a picture I played around with fonts and sizes. Once I found a font and size I liked, I positioned them into the bottom left corner of each slide and added my design element.



Critique Report

I critiqued Jeff Morgan and Whitney Slade’s projects. For Jeff’s project, I shared that I loved how he contrasted his text with sizing to make key words stand out. I suggested making his pictures look more cohesive and to enlarge his text that were smaller. Some of his text was small enough to get lost in the background. I really liked how in Whitney’s project, all of the pictures worked really well together. The black and white was a nice touch. I did suggest though that Whitney contrast her text using size or fonts. I was critiqued by Nanci Newell and Jeff Morgan. Nanci suggested I added a title slide, move my words down in my first slide in order to see it better, and to make my text in one of my slides lighter for it to stand out better. Jeff suggested the same thing with my first slide. The picture I have chosen makes the text harder to read because of conflicting colors. He also suggested shortening my message in Slide two. I also received tips from Sister Walker to help improve my project even more! She suggested changing some of my texts to more contrasting colors and she also mentioned that the first slide was hard to read. I took most of these suggestions and applied them to my project. I did shorten my message in Slide two like Jeff suggested. I adjusted the color in most every slide to stand out better against the background. Lastly, I fixed the first slide to ensure that the readers could read the message easily.

Link to Talk: https://www.lds.org/new-era/1971/05/success-steps-to-the-abundant-life?lang=eng

Fonts: Segoe UI: Semibold and Black (Sans Serif)

Link to Images:


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